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Bulgaria Digital Nomad

Bulgaria is one of the top emerging paradises for digital nomads, with one of the easiest visas to apply for. The cost of living in Bulgaria is low compared to other EU countries. 

Bulgaria experiences all four seasons. And checking out the purple lavender fields, epic beaches, and mineral springs are some of the top things to do in Bulgaria! 

Lively Digital Nomad Community
Cost of Living
Very Reasonable
Co-Working Spaces
Bansko is full of coworking spaces.
Average Wifi Upload/Download Speeds
Average 35gb / 15gb
Outdoor Adventure
Winter & Summer
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Bulgaria Digital Nomad Visa

The best part of the Bulgaria digital nomad visa is that there are no income requirements. Read briefly about the different types of Bulgaria Digital Nomad Visa.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you must have a work permit issued for a Swedish company in order to live and work in Bulgaria. 

A freelance permit The freelance permit is granted by the Employment Agency. You will need to have a detailed plan for freelancing with a positive effect on the economy of Bulgaria.

photo of a digital nomad holding up passports in old town square
woman handing two digital nomads their passports and visas
photo of a group of digital nomads hiking in Bulgaria

A type D visa. This visa is done after you have obtained the freelance permit. You will apply at the nearest Bulgarian embassy or consulate for a type D visa.

A residence permit. Once you enter Bulgaria, you must get a residence permit from the Immigration Directorate.

moody photo of a digital nomad in her home in Bulgaria
beautiful sunset in Sofia Bulgaria city center

Best Places to Live in Bulgaria For Nomads

Sofia Digital Nomads

As the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia offers a bustling urban environment with a big history. Sofia has numerous coworking spaces, cafes, and restaurants with fast and reliable internet connectivity. It’s also known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse cultural offerings.

photo of a busy day in the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria

Digital nomad Bansko

Bansko Bulgaria digital nomad: is a town in the beautiful mountains and has become a hub for digital nomads in Bulgaria. It’s known for its affordability, scenic beauty, and the annual Bansko digital nomad festival.

Digital Nomads in Varna 

Varna is a popular spot for Bulgaria digital nomads on the Black Sea coast. It offers a relaxing seaside vibe, with modern amenities and many coworking spaces.

Plovdiv Bulgaria Nomads

Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in Europe, combines historical charm with modern conveniences. You will find a strong Plovdiv digital nomad community. 

Burgas Nomads 

Burgas is another city on the Black Sea coast that offers a laid-back lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and nightlife options. It’s also connected by trains, making travel to other parts of Bulgaria easy.

How to Get to Bulgaria

The most common way to travel to Bulgaria, especially from long distances, is by plane. Bulgaria international airport is in Sofia, the capital city. There are also international airports in Varna and Burgas. Several airlines operate flights to Bulgaria from different parts of the world.

From the United States, there are no direct flights to Bulgaria. Most flights will have a layover in cities such as London, Frankfurt, or Istanbul.

digital nomad couple walking through airport


2. By Train: 

If you’re a digital nomad traveling from other parts of Europe, taking the train could be a great option. Bulgaria has many rail connections with several European countries including Greece, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey.


3. By Bus:

Bulgaria is well connected by bus routes to many European cities. This can be a cost-effective way to travel, especially for those who are already in Europe.


4. By Car:

If you’re in a neighboring country, you might choose to drive to Bulgaria. The country has road links with Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

5. By Ferry:

If you’re traveling from Georgia, Ukraine, or Russia, it’s possible to take a ferry across the beautiful Black Sea to the port city of Varna or Burgas.

Co-living in Bulgaria

WN LAB Hotel This lovely co-living hotel in Sofia has a light and bright vibe and the rooms are equipped with a desk and comfy chair. Spoil yourself with the buffet breakfast, or cook your own healthy dishes in the shared kitchen, And you can use the fitness center any day of the week. 

photo of traditional houses in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

In Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Hakuna Matata Guest House – Hakuna Matata means, no problems. And that is what you will find at Hakuana Matata’s guest house. This is a tried and true Hostel with bunk beds. Enjoy the shared lounge and kitchen, free WiFi, and a pretty terrace. With breakfast served daily. You will be super close to all the best things to do in Bulgaria and meet local Bulgaria digital nomads.

Varna, Bulgaria

Nomado Hostel in Varna Bulgaria inside a beautiful 19th-century city house. When staying at Nomado you will be within walking distance of the trains, beaches, and top sites like the Dormition Cathedral, Sea Gardens, and the Archeological Museum. 

photo of digital nomads hanging out
cowering space in WN LAB Hotel

Bansko, Bulgaria

Avalon Coliving & Coworking is one of the best places to stay in Bansko. They offer monthly rooms at affordable rates. The host has two of the cutest dogs, and everyone is extra friendly. There is a comfy co-working lounge downstairs, or work from one of the private offices. 

Hotel Casa Karina has half-board and all-inclusive options for the perfect digital nomad Bansko experience. In the summer enjoy the swimming pool, Finnish sauna, and steam bath. But in the winter you will be right on the slopes with easy access to skiing and snowboarding.

FAQ About Digital Nomads in Bulgaria

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