Thailand Nomads

Thailand is one of the greatest places on earth for digital nomads. The cost of living is very affordable, the locals are kind, and the internet is very fast. 

And on top of that, digital nomads in Thailand, have quite a few different options when it comes to Visas. Many people come to Thailand, and end up staying for years. Check down below for the best remote places in Thailand!

Arguably the best in the world. 100%
Thailand is extremely affordable. 100%
Most cities have dozens of options. 100%
Thailand has very fast internet and wifi speeds. 100%
Incredible beaches in the South and epic hikes up North! 100%

Best Place in Thailand for Digital Nomads

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Cost of Living as a Digital Nomad in Thailand


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Thailand Digital Nomad Visa Info​

You may be wondering can digital nomads in Thailand without a Thai work visa. The short answer is yes, and the long answer is no. 

Read more about it in our in-depth article about the Thailand digital nomad visa

You may be wondering can digital nomads in Thailand without a Thai work visa. The short answer is yes, and the long answer is no.You may be wondering can digital nomads in Thailand without a Thai work visa. The short answer is yes, and the long answer is no.

sunrise over a temple in chiang mai
photo of a passport with a bunch of stamps

Education Visa. If you have every considered learning Muay Thai, Thai, or Thai cooking the Thai Education Visa is for you! Plus you can stay for a whole year!

Elite Visa. Disposable income anyone? Or just don’t want to worry about doing border runs for a while?

digital nomad in bangkok

Best Places for Digital Nomads Thailand

The best place for digital nomads in Thailand depends on what kind of vibe you are looking for and what time of the year you are visting. 

Digital Nomad Chiang Mai- Chiang Mai is a favorite among digital nomads due to its low cost of living, relaxed atmosphere, and large community of like-minded individuals. It has numerous coworking spaces, cafes with reliable Wi-Fi, and plenty of activities to do in your downtime, such as exploring temples or hiking in the nearby mountains.

Digital Nomad Bangkok

There are thousands of digital nomads Bangkok. As it offers many coworking spaces equipped with fast and reliable internet. The top coworking Spaces in Bangkok are Hubba, The Hive, and Too Fast To Sleep. Many cafes and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi with comfy chairs. 

Digital Nomad Krabi

Krabi is one of the best places for digital nomads in Thailand. You can find peace, tranquility, and parties every single day. Krabi is a perfect place for the digital nomad beach bums who like sunsets and the best seafood.

Digital Nomad in Pai

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Thailand Digital Nomad City Hua Hin 

Hua Hin is best known as a beach getaway from Bangkok. The short 3 hour drive from Bangkok makes a great escape from city live, while still being close to BKK and everything Bangkok offers. Hua Hin has amazing night markets, and endless beaches to explore. 


This city gets a bad rap, for its red-light districts, and there are not many nomads here, but it is close to many Thai islands, and has a strong ex-pat community. 

Chiang Rai

Is best known for its beautiful blue and white temples and is one of the most affordable places to be a digital nomad in Thailand. The cost of accommodation and food is low. You will find plenty of cafes to work from with a strong internet connection. 

Best Thai Islands for Digital Nomads

Phuket Digital Nomad

You will never be bored in Phuket. Every night of the week you can find meet-ups and local places putting on a show. The top coworking hubs are the digital nomad Phuket Garage Society Patong and Regus Royal Phuket Marina. This picturesque island offers any type of lifestyle you are looking for, with a slightly higher cost of living than the other places for digital nomads in Thailand.

photo of people parasailing in Phuket at sunset
photo of a digital nomad enjoying an infinity pool in phuket thailand
photo of a beautiful beach in phuket thailand

Who’s feeling tropical? 🏝

Meet Other Digital Nomads in Thailand.

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What you Need to Work Remotely from Thailand

Reliable computer 

Stand-up computer stand 

Double screen 

Noise canceling headphones 



FAQ about Digital Nomads in Thailand

Is Thailand good for digital nomads?

Yes! Thailand is good for digital nomads. On the last count, there were over 125,000 digital nomads in Thailand! No matter what city you are in, you will find fellow digital nomads and plenty to keep you going. Cafes, co-working, co-living, and even Western-style restaurants are around almost every corner.  

How Many Digital Nomads are in Thailand?

There are over 100,000 digital nomads in Thailand. With the number growing every year. The easy visa system, excellent wifi, affordable cost of living, and friendly locals make Thailand hard to leave. You will find many digital nomads in Thailand in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui. 

How Much Does a Digital Nomad Cost in Thailand?

It costs anywhere from $1000-$3000 monthly to be a digital nomad in Thailand. This depends on what digital nomad city in Thailand you choose to live in, how often you splurge on Western food, and your mode of transportation. Thailand has been rated as the top 5 places for expats to retire. 

What is the Tax on Digital Nomads in Thailand?

The tax on digital nomads in Thailand is 17%, if you don’t get the visa your tax will be 35%. This depends on where you file taxes, and how much money you earn. 

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