Digital Nomad in Portugal

Sunny Portugal is a digital nomad haven. No matter type of nomad you are Portugal has a region for you. With a unique mix of productivity, creativity, and laid-back lifestyle make Portugal it a top destination for remote workers.

Situated on the west coast of Southern Europe, Portugal also acts as a great base to explore both Europe and Africa. 

Huge Digital Nomad Community
Cost of Living
Very Reasonable
Co-Working Spaces
Plenty of internet cafes & coworking spaces.
Average Wifi Upload/Download Speeds
Average 35gb / 15gb
Outdoor Adventure
Does it get better than the Portuguese Coast?
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Portugal Nomad Budget


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Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

The Portugal digital nomad visa is actually known as the Portugal d7 visa remote work. It is one of the easiest Visas to apply for. But, you must apply for the Portugal D7 visa in your home country before coming to Portugal. Find out more about Portugal’s remote work visa. 

Without the Portugal digital nomad visa, citizens of the US, UK, Canada, and many more, can stay in the EU Schengen zone for 90 out of 180 days. 

photo of a digital nomad holding up passports in old town square
woman handing two digital nomads their passports and visas

Trusted Digital Nomad Visa Agencies

Sometimes hiring an agency to handle the paperwork is the best move. There are many agencies in portugal that will assit and guide you through the visa process. Here are a few, vetted by nomads.

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photo of digital nomads hanging out by the river in lisbon

Best Places in Portugal for Digital Nomads

There are digital nomads in Portugal all over the country. Check out some of the hot digital nomad communities in Portugal. 

The Lisbon Nomad Scene

This is one of the best in Portugal. The beauty, people, and being one of the most affordable places in Europe for digital nomads is the draw. Plus, you can meet-ups and groups to social join to find a new adventure every night. 

black sand beach in madeira

The Algarve is one of the prettiest parts of Southern Europe. You can find digital nomads in Lagos  , Faro, Albufeira, and many more Algarve towns.

If mountain life is calling your name, Porto is calling your name. 

The two digital nomad islands in Portugal are Madeira and Azores. 

Most Madeira remote workers can be found in Ponta do sol digital nomad community. Madeira has a magical landscape that is almost indescribable. There are 4 microclimates on the island of Madeira, making it a special place for nature lovers. 

There are also digital nomad in the Azores. The Azores are just as special as Madeira. There are 9 separate islands that formed from volcanic ash. There are also plans to attract more Portugal digital nomads through the ‘DNA Azores‘ program.

group of digital nomad friends walking on a cliff in Algarve, Portugal
photo of a photographer in the airport

How to Get to Portugal

Flights to Portugal

The most common way to get to Portugal is by air. Portugal has several international airports, with the largest being Lisbon Portela Airport, followed by Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, and Faro Airport in the Algarve. Direct flights are available from many cities around the world. The national airline is TAPPortugal.


Train Routes: If you’re traveling from within Europe, particularly neighboring Spain or France, taking a train can be a scenic way to get to Portugal. The national railway company, Comboios de Portugal, connects Portugal with Spain, and through the broader European rail network, you can reach Portugal from many parts of Europe.


Bus: International bus services such as Eurolines and FlixBus provide routes from various European cities to Portugal.


Driving: Portugal is well connected by road to the rest of Europe, especially Spain. You can drive into Portugal using major highways. However, keep in mind that many Portuguese highways have tolls, but the highways are up-kept and easy to navigate.

Ferry Boat: While there are no direct ferry routes from the UK or US to Portugal, you can take a ferry to Spain (from the UK) and then drive or take a train to Portugal. Alternatively, if you’re already in Madeira or the Azores, you can take a ferry to the mainland.

Cruise Ship: Many cruise lines have itineraries with stops in the Portuguese ports of Lisbon, Porto, and Faro.

Coliving For Working Remotely in Portugal

photo of a colorful door in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Nomad Living

The Gateway Lisbon – Eco Hostel is one of the best for people looking to be in on the Digital Nomad Lisbon scene. You will be in the heart of Lisbon. 

Check availability here.

Algarve Coliving


The Salty Pelican Yoga & Surf Retreat – Ericeira digital nomad. Staying at The Salty Pelican will enrich your soul. You can spend your days along the beautiful Portugal coastline, or practice yoga with the peaceful sound of the waves at sunset. They specialize in remote workers and have everything digital nomads in Portugal need.

photo of a digital nomad surfing with her friends in the algarve, portugal
photo of a colorful home in porto Portugal

Digital Nomad Porto Co-Living


Travel & Live Santa Catarina Street, Metro is just 1 minute from the hostel. With both private and dorm rooms available to book they have something to meet every budget. 

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